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Andrew Hodges:- "Music Does Not Exist"


From the "Mastering Chaos" series:  


As a violinist and composer the music I create appears from within me barely half-formed. In truth it's very hard indeed to say how the ideas turn into something as solid as the marks on the musical score they will eventually become. When the musical ideas are subsequently performed it is quite hard to connect the performance with its creation.


What I can confidently say is that when ideas begin to appear they are definitely connected to my state of mind at the time they originate.  As the ideas begin to coalesce, feelings and emotions around their creation say something about not only my current state of mind but also my personal history; of how I got to be there at that moment creating this 'thing', whatever it turns out to be...more

Jon Blend - "What is Lifemusic?"

Lifemusic draws on our human capacity to create and make music. Its origins lie in community music as practiced across the globe over centuries drawing on the oral tradition, free jazz, music therapy, progressive education and world music. The approach was devised by composer/Jungian music therapist Dr Rod Paton at Chichester University in 1988. The method is unique in that it can be learned and used by both musically trained and untrained individuals.

Lifemusic groups take place in a variety of settings: working with disabled persons, in Health and Education projects, even in the corporate sector...more

Rod Paton:- "IMPROVISING - Unforeseen Magic"

Improvisation is the essential act of music. It is the primary creative function: nothing comes into being without it. Improvisation means, literally, unforeseen?  so that each living moment requires an improvisatory decision to facilitate movement to the next living moment. Working directly with unforeseen events is a form of magic...more

Andrew Hodges:- "The Business of Improvisation - Just Firefighting?"

Everyday life can seem to be constructed of separate boxes.  We often feel it necessary to hold our private world distinct from our public persona.; we maintain our working life separately from our private life.   There is a certain something about present-day attitudes to Music and the Arts that makes it very easy for many people to see artistic expression as somehow separate from so-called ‘normal’ existence...more

Rod Paton:- "The Lifemusic Project"

LIFEMUSIC - Welcome to a world of sound participation! The Lifemusic project is a community enterprise providing training, workshops, personal development and team building using a unique, inclusive and accessible form of creative music making...more

Andrew Hodges:- "Improvisational Worlds - New Horizons"

This short article describes how the potential of music improvisation might offer an effective route for the progressive development of improvisation within a team, class or group and highlights how the relationship between creative and group dynamics can be used to illustrate improvisational stages of development...more