Lifemusic: New Developments

Rod & I have been working over many months to restructure Lifemusic. We are now close to being able to begin to deliver new 'applied' versions of the Lifemusic workshops and courses. These will focus on specific areas of life and work. We are doing this to help provide greater clarity and meaning to the way Lifemusic can affect and enrich our lives.

Each 'applied' Lifemusic programme will be specifically focused on the following:

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Education & Schools

  • Community Programmes

  • Musician Training

  • Leadership & Team Development

  • Voicework ("Vox Anima")

with more are in the pipeline...

We are also intending to build Train-The-Trainer versions of these programmes so that other Lifemusicians will be able to train others in how to facilitate Lifemusic workshops.

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