Edward Lear Nonsense Alphabets (the Complete Set of 26 scores and mp3s)

Set to music by Rod Paton


For all types of choirs


Rounds, catches, canons, chants, an anthem (and a fugue)


It all began with that primary act of all music, improvisation. Looking for material suitable for enjoyable or ‘wacky’ warm-ups for my various singing groups I discovered Lear’s quirky and whimsical nonsense alphabets. These attractive little verses might be classed as nonsense but they are far from meaningless. Each of them provides a snapshot image of an animal, a bird, a person or simply a common object, which instantly comes to life when animated through Lear’s unique, poetic imagination. Each is framed within an identical formula - a descriptive quatrain followed by the letter itself and then a final neat comment or surprise.  


Enjoy them all with the COMPLETE SET - 26 Scores and 26 MP3s to help with rehearsals

Edward Lear - Alphabet Poems (the complete set)

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