Rod Paton:- "The Lifemusic Project"


LIFEMUSIC - Welcome to a world of sound participation!

The Lifemusic project is a community enterprise providing training, workshops, personal development and team building using a unique, inclusive and accessible form of creative music making.

Lifemusic practitioners provide creative and therapeutic music sessions for all in a non-judgmental, inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Lifemusic is based upon 4 principles:

Everyone is musical
There are no wrong notes in music
Every sound has a meaning
Making music is an act of trust

And there are four ingredients:


A unique aspect of Lifemusic is the use of ‘Holding Forms’ – easy to grasp and accessible springboards which generate extended and exciting group

Who is it for?

Lifemusic brings people from all walks of life together. It has been used with all kinds of groups…
self development groups, families and children, teenagers, older people, students, community groups, in schools and hospitals, prisons, community
centres, care homes, day centres, residential centres, business environments and dedicated studio sessions.

and all kinds of people…

therapists, teachers, healthcare professionals, trained and untrained musicians,
composers, community musicians and busy people everywhere.

DISCOVER your musical self

RELATE to others through sound

CREATE unique musical structures

REDUCE your stress levels

FREE your spirit

BE part of a musical community

HAVE some serious fun

Lifemusic puts the ‘hum’ into human!

With both trained and untrained musicians working side by side Lifemusic breaks down the barriers between people.