What People Say:

What people have said about the Lifemusic Training...

The ‘Lifemusic’ training revealed whole new amazing aspects for me both personally and in my working life.” (CN, playworker and consultant)

I found the Lifemusic method very useful for my work as this way of music making encourages social interaction and promotes self confidence and positive relationships between people.” (MS, support worker, Mencap)

Excellent method, great applicability to almost any group of people. Would love to use it further for teambuilding.” (SC, clinical manager, NHS)

I found the training both exhilarating and informative as well as beneficial for health on all levels.” (RG, artist and therapist)

To me lifemusic has changed the way I listen to music, and the way I make music. It is a great way for professional and proficient musicians to meet with those new to music so they can learn from one another in a supportive and life enhancing
” (MB, singer and music teacher)

My experience of both Lifemusic training and using the method, was liberating and inspiring. It introduced me to listening and communicating on a far deeper level than I’d experienced in other forms of music, such as singing in a choir or playing in a band or in an orchestra. And what really struck me was how strongly Lifemusic bonded us as a group of people! It was as though Lifemusic stripped us of our hang ups and inhibitions and revealed our true selves.” (JQ, musician and

What people have said about the Lifemusic Method...

“A most enjoyable experience that allowed the freedom to musically explore the
self and group dynamics”

“compelling and insightful”

“It was uplifting to feel so much pure joy in the room”

It was amazing to watch how C. was able to break down barriers using lifemusic and I know that it has given the staff an opportunity to think "Outside the box." (B.E. Children’s’ Centre Manager)

“The children expressed how much they had enjoyed playing the large variety of instruments, and the freedom they had been given to create their own music. (JQ, teacher and Lifemusic practitioner)

“I found this really relaxing and a real help for my anxiety and stress.” (Mental health patient, Southampton)

“As the session progressed, people relaxed more, and freed up more, people became more and more involved, and more and more in tune with each other and the music that was being created.” (SF, Lifemusic practitioner)

“What I learnt from the session was that age is irrelevant, when using the Lifemusic principles.”

It opens the heart.
It opens the ears.
For me it’s therapeutic as well as fun.
I love these sessions.
It helps me with my mind.

“From a medical point of view, using the lifemusic method has been a valuable addition to my everyday practice at work, adding diagnostic (eg. assessing the understanding of verbal and non verbal information, initiative, possible perseveration ie inability to shift to a new task, coordination) and therapeutic (eg interaction with patients in a non threatening, less hierarchical, non traditional way) aspects”. (Dr. VW, assistant specialist in neuropsychiatry)

“I’ve now used the ‘Lifemusic’ method with people of all ages and within a wide range of situations, settings and circumstances. Participants are enabled to be themselves and to experience their own depth of feeling and to express that within the music; to contribute to and be accepted by the whole group of which they are a part; gain in confidence; be imaginative with the form the music takes; play and have fun!” (CN, director of Community Arts Organisation)

“I have been using the Lifemusic method with individuals in recovery from a psychotic illness and/ or a personality disorder who have have often become isolated from others, and experience difficulty in interacting effectively. There can often be disruptive behaviour in therapeutic groups in this environment. I have noticed that there is a regular attendance to the group; participants feedback that it is an enjoyable process and look forward to the sessions. With two individuals in question, ( from an average group of five over the sessions), there has been a marked improvement in how they interact within the group; moving from a 'self contained'; position and following directions to initiating exercises and encouraging others to participate meaningfully.” (DC, mental health nurse)

“Attending the Lifemusic training was so enjoyable, enriching, relaxing, exciting, experiential and moving. It was what real learning is and should be. (SS, musician and teacher)

Thank you Rod! We had the most wonderful time and…it looks like we’ll be setting up an improv group. I am so proud of the students. I’ve never seen them play like that. What a great sound they made! You’re an inspiration. (Hannah Curtain, Coordinator for Foundation Music, University of Winchester)